Monday, February 16, 2009

I Saw My Second Nissan GTR!

I just saw my second, live, honest to goodness Nissan GTR.  This one was black, and this time I had my iPhone handy. 

The photos aren't the best, since I took them while driving behind the GTR, but I'll take what I can get.

Oh yeah, it looked very, very nasty and nice!

nissan gtr supercarnissan gtr bay area

nissan gtr

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Nissan GTR - Cool Fact

I learnt a new cool fact about the Nissan GTR. 

nissan gtr grill

In Japan, road cars are electronically governed to a maximum speed of 112 mph.   The Nissan GTR is meant to act as a sane road car, when needed, and it follows this rule.

However, if you drive up to a race track in Japan, the GTR's sat nav system figures this out, and switches the governor off, so you can thrash the car around the track to your heart's content.

That's cool!

nissan gtr

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Fifth Gear Video Of The Week - Lamborghini Gallardo

This week, instead of a Top Gear video, I'm putting up a Fifth Gear video.  Why?  Because its awesome, that's why!

In particular, check out the sideways action half of the way through.  Makes me feel I wouldn't mind switching my rear-wheel BMW 335i convertible for the LP560-4

GM's Pains Continue

GM continues its downward spiral, with an announcement for another 10,000 job cuts. 

Depressing.  But they still gainfully employ 80,000 - 85,000 people, so hopefully their strategies make sense.

I'm expecting more job cuts by the end of April, however.

Monday, February 9, 2009

More Bad News From Nissan

Just like Toyota, Nissan also fell to a full-year loss.  This was its first in almost 10 years.

As a result, about 20,000 employees (just under 9% of its workforce) are being let go. 

Directors will not get bonuses, and will have salaries reduced by 10%.

Managers will have their salaries reduced by 5%.

Not the best news from the makers of Godzilla, the awesome GTR.

nissan gtr

Friday, February 6, 2009

Auto Makers' Gold Standard, Toyota, With Net Loss

As Cheech and Chong said, "Things are tough all over".  Automobile's beacon of operational efficiency, Toyota, has tumbled to its first annual net loss ($3.85 Billion,  or 350 Billion Yen).  It's fiscal year ends in March.

toyota logo

At a broad level, there are only two main strategies Toyota can adopt to fix 2009-

a) Increase revenues.  Not easy in this economy.  But with a leadership in hybrid/ economical cars, as well as TCO (Total Cost of Ownership) cars, Toyota has a good chance here. 

b) Reduce costs.  Yes, Toyota is good at this.  And I'm afraid this is where most of their efforts will probably end up.  They are very good to their employees - which of course means contract employees are up a creek without a paddle.  I'm hoping this does not make them cut their R&D budgets for hybrid/ eco-friendly cars.